David Durling FDRS PhD MDesRCA BA is Professor of Design Research at Coventry University UK. He was appointed on a fractional post in October 2012 and mainly undertakes doctoral supervision.

His education includes furniture design (BA), industrial design (MDesRCA), and a PhD in design education from the Open University. Prior to taking up a full time academic post, for more than a decade he ran a design consultancy specialising in science laboratory planning and equipment design, and has commercial expertise in furniture, interiors, product design and design management.

He has held several senior academic appointments as research director in faculties of art and design, helping improve research profiles by, for example, setting up new research institutes at Middlesex University and Staffordshire University.

His research interests have ranged across: creativity and designer personality; peer review processes; doctoral supervision and examination; and research management. He continues to have strong interests in researcher education and networking.

From 1998-2006 he was the Chair of the Design Research Society, during a period that led to the establishment of the biennial conferences and expansion in membership. For over twenty years he has edited 'Design Research News' which has a readership of more than 9,000 researchers world-wide.  He was a panel member for Art & Design in the UK Research Assessment Exercises in 2001 and 2008, and continues working with several universities in developing research quality. He has co-chaired the academic review processes of significant international conferences such as 'Doctoral Education in Design' 2000 (France) and 2003 (Japan); and the DRS biennial conferences 'Common Ground' 2002 (UK), 'Futureground' 2004 (Australia), Sheffield 2008, Montreal 2010, Bangkok 2012, and been adviser or reviewer for several others; he has also authored or co-edited a number of publications focused on research process, and is a member of journal editorial advisory boards. He is currently Vice President of the International Association of Societies of Design Research (IASDR). He was elected a Fellow of the DRS in 2006, and awarded an Honorary Fellowship in 2016.

He is married to Kristina Niedderer Professor of Design at Manchester Metropolitan University.